My Dreams Haunt Me…

Some say dreams are our brains way of keeping us alive while we sleep, others say that dreams are our subconscious wants, desires and fears represented in story-like format..If this is true, then I am fifty shades of fucked..
My dreams have always been incredibly vivid; even as a child. I remember keeping a journal so I could remember the best or worst ones. I still remember some dreams and nightmares that I had over 20 years ago. Some so sad that I woke up with a soaking wet pillow of tears, others so scary that I laid paralyzed, afraid to move or even breathe and some that were so full of happiness that I hated to come back to consciousness.
Lately within the past two weeks, my dreams have all had a common theme; something or someone was missing.
It could have been a dream where amazing things were happening, or a dream where I was terrified..but one thing remained common; something was missing.
I found myself thinking in each dream that something wasn’t right, no matter what was going on. Throughout those dreams I continuously searched (almost consciously searched) for that one thing that I couldn’t place; the one thing I needed, the one thing I couldn’t find, but knew was there somewhere.
I don’t know what this “missing” item is. I’m not sure if its a person, a material possession, or just a certain feeling..but whatever it is, I search for it. I search on a nightly basis. I know I won’t be at peace until I find this “thing”..but whatever it is, I know it’s wonderful; it has to be…
Sweet Dreams….


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